Welcome to MacCormick Veterinary Services!

At this time, masks are optional within the clinic setting. You are very welcome to come in with your pets to see the veterinarians. When you arrive, please call the clinic to let us know that you have arrived and which parking spot you are in. We will ask some Covid-19 screening questions at this time. Depending on the health of you or your family, we may ask that you wear a mask with the staff or that the appointment be conducted curbside. If you have recently tested positive for Covid-19 or are actively sick, we ask that you call the clinic to reschedule your appointment.

Please keep your pet in your car with you until your appointment is starting. During the pandemic we found that preventing the cats and dogs from meeting in the lobby helped reduce their stress and made for better visits. An animal health technician will come meet you at your car to gather information for the veterinarian and get the needed materials prepared for your visit. You will be guided to the exam room when your appointment starts by the technician, who will remain with your pet throughout the duration of their visit to the clinic. If you have questions at any point, please ask your technician! While our doctors only speak English, many of our technicians are bilingual, and would be happy to explain things in French.

When the appointment is over, the technician will bring out all prescriptions, certificates, reference materials, and the invoice to your vehicle to bill you out.

Please make sure to bring a leash and collar/harness or carrier to transport your pet safely in and out of the clinic. If you have not brought one, please let the team know, and one will be loaned to you for the appointment.

What Happens During a Curbside Appointment?

During a curbside appointment, a technician will come out to your car, just like with a regular appointment, and bring your pet in for the exam with the doctor. Once the doctor has performed the exam, they will come out to discuss with you what the next steps for care are.

With your permission, the team can perform whatever care is needed, and then will return your pet to you, explain any prescriptions, and invoice you out at your car.

If you have any questions, please call the clinic at 613-678-3678.