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Welcome to MacCormick Veterinary Services!

Please use the button located at the bottom of the page to fill out our New Client Information and Pet History Form. We will use this information to build a file for you and your pet. If you are registering multiple pets, please fill out a new form for each one.

You may also be asked to complete this form if it has been a few years since you’ve come to visit us.

For new clients, we will call you to schedule an appointment for you once the form has been processed. At the time of booking the appointment, we will ask for a one-time $50 deposit, which will go towards the cost of your first visit with us.

Please note, we have a $50 No-Show Fee and Cancellation Policy.

If you can no longer make your scheduled appointment, please give us a call (613-678-3678) or send us an email before 8am the day of the appointment. Changes requested after this time will incur a $50 dollar cancellation fee. If you have any questions about our cancellation policy, please contact the clinic.

Please Click Here to Complete the Form!

Pet Care Handouts